Green Truck/Green Wheels Circus Load #104

Reproduction Circus Load for American Flyer based on the early version circus wagons. This new Green truck with green wheels has details such as running lights. The first wagon has a Blue chassis and yellow roof. It has red sides and green wheels with the lug nut holes with a yellow pegged animal. The other wagon has a Red Chassis with Blue sides and a yellow pegged animal with green wheels with the lug nut holes.  Please note: there is no guarantee which animal you will receive. Your animal will always be the yellow animal color, and the animal will either be an ape, lion, panther or zebra.These do have Diane's Attic and Made in USA on the bottom of the wagons and the truck.


When clicking on the big picture to enlarge, it will appear blurry while loading, please allow about 9 seconds for picture to appear clear.

Green Truck/Green Wheels Circus Load #104
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