Reproduction American Flyer White Flatcar with Circus Load #304


 #304 Reproduction American Flyer Circus Plastic Flatcar "Worlds Greatest Show" #24582. This white plastic flatcar has Made in BG on bottom of flatcar. The trucks on the flatcar are black trucks with red plastic wheels. It has knuckle couplers. It has the wood strip with pins already installed.

The circus load on the flatcar consists of one red plastic truck with yellow wheels and 2 Circus Wagons. One plastic circus wagon has a blue frame and baby blue sides with a yellow roof. It has blue and green wheels.  It also has a green pegged lion. The other plastic circus wagon has a baby blue frame and blue sides with a yellow roof and wheels.  It contains a red pegged panther. These have Diane's Attic Made in USA On the bottom of each piece. The circus wagons have all the details like the originals.

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Reproduction American Flyer White Flatcar with Circus Load  #304
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